Dan Ingalls

is a pioneer of object-oriented computer programming and the principal architect, designer and implementer of five generations of Smalltalk environments. He designed the bytecoded virtual machine that made Smalltalk practical in 1976. He also invented bit blit, the general-purpose graphical operation that underlies most bitmap computer graphics systems today, and pop-up menus. He designed the generalizations of BitBlt to arbitrary color depth, with built-in scaling, rotation, and anti-aliasing. He made major contributions to the Squeak version of Smalltalk, including the original concept of a Smalltalk written in itself and made portable and efficient by a Smalltalk-to-C translator.

Gilad Bracha

is the creator of the Newspeak programming language and a well known researcher in the area of object-oriented programming languages. He was awarded the senior Dahl-Nygaard prize in 2017. He is currently a Technical Fellow at F5 Networks, and has held positions at Google, SAP Labs, Cadence, and Sun. He has authored or co-authored several books including the Java Language and Virtual Machine Specifications, and the Dart Programming Language. Prior to joining Sun, he worked on Strongtalk, the Animorphic Smalltalk System. He received his B.Sc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Ben Gurion University in Israel and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Utah.

Adrián Soma

I started programming professionally in 1987. I have always been interested in problems inherent to programming itself and most of all user interface problems. I first became acquainted with Smalltalk in 1996 and have been using it ever since. The first application I developed was an interactive chess course, for which I created my own graphic object system; this was the first antecedent of the Visual Environment VEO that I have been researching and developing since 2006. Other hobbies I have are classical music (I play the piano), paddle (similar to tennis) and athletics.

Agustin Rafael Martinez

PhD student at the Faculty of Philosophy and Chief Teaching Assistant at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Buenos Aires. He is a playwright and theater director. His philosophical analysis has led him to join the practice of programming with the notion of scientific representation. Three areas of knowledge are what drive him today to conceive a new language: programming, philosophy and art.


Pionero en el uso y difusión de Smalltalk en Argentina, una larga historia de experiencias en el desarrollo de sistemas con Smalltalk y actualmente avocado a la formulación de esquemas informáticos modernos (S8 Smalltalk).

Boris Shingarov

Boris began his career as a theoretical physicist at MSU "M.V.Lomonosov". After learning about the existence of Smalltalk in 1994, he has made a number of fundamental contributions to Smalltalk through his work at major Smalltalk companies such as The Object People, IBM/OTI, and Cincom. Boris is the co-author of the IBM VisualAge for Smalltalk Handbook, one of the Founding Committers of Eclipse, and the named inventor on patents relating to a wide range of fields (from code generation and database structures for information retrieval, to music notation for mediæval chant). Boris' current job at LabWare is to invent the Smalltalk of the future.


I am a regular at Smalltalks since the very first one and still did not miss one. Does that say something about my life?

I work on Smalltalk since 1999, I discovered it thanks to Máximo Prieto while studying Computer Science at FCEyN, UBA and it changed my life. I have worked as a developer since 1986 using other technologies that I would like not to see again...

Besides programming, I was assistant at OOP courses for several years, I wrote a good deal of fiction, I am a hobbyist proofreader and regularly answer questions in Quora. Oh, and I used to read a lot, now I only read a good deal.


Esteban A. Maringolo is a senior software developer specializing in analysis, application development and web architectures. Due to his experience with other Smalltalk dialects, he was keen to join the Instantiations team in 2019 to improve the extensibility of VAST and bridge the gap between it and other platforms. Esteban is involved in ongoing improvements to VAST’s new Unicode and Async frameworks, and he’s an active member of the Smalltalk development community with regular contributions to various open source projects.

Facundo Javier Gelatti

is a software developer and teacher, working at 10Pines and UNQ (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes). He loves sharing and discovering things together with other people.

Since he discovered Smalltalk, he started to think differently about programming and hasn't found another language and environment like it.

His main areas of interest are object-oriented design, test-driven development, refactoring, and patterns.

You can find him on Twitter @javiergelatti.

Fernando Balboa

I've recently acquired my CS degree at the University of Buenos Aires. I've been working for the past 5 years for big companies developing enterprise B2C and B2B software (Mercado Libre and Medallia). I first learned about Smalltalk while taking Software Engineering I subject and later decided to do my thesis work on Cuis.

gabriel coteLli

Bachelor in CS, continuous learner & free-thinker. Supporter of libre knowledge, human intelligence augmentation and open source software. Working in Smalltalk at Mercap since 2004. He's an active member of the Smalltalk development community and regular contributor to open source projects in Buenos Aires Smalltalk and Pharo.

Gerardo Fuentes

Desde chico me apasionaba la idea de hacer programas aún cuando no tenía idea de en qué consistía el proceso de programación. Hoy soy Licenciado en Ciencias de la Computación con experiencia en la industria del software desde 2008. Al día de hoy continúo con las mismas ganas de seguir aprendiendo, creciendo y experimentando nuevas formas y tecnologías de jugar este maravilloso juego de ingenio que llamamos codear.


Greg Schultz is Marketing & Creative Director at Instantiations. He has a background in branding, marketing, and web development with experience in various industries like publishing, manufacturing, and healthcare. Greg started with Instantiations in 2019 to reinvigorate the company’s marketing, be the driving force behind its recent rebranding, and to help propel Instantiations towards new opportunities.

Guillermo Polito

Guillermo Polito is a researcher at INRIA, within the CRIStAL laboratory and the RMoD team.

My main research interest lies in the efficiency, modularity and correctness of programming languages and their implementations, particularly in Language Virtual Machines (VMs).

I actively participate in the development of the open source Pharo programming language and environment since 2010, and I am a member of its technical board since 2018.

Examples of my work are Pharo's ARM64 JIT compiler backend, Pharo's GIT client Iceberg, automatic JIT compiler validation (PLDI'22).


Passionate programmer. Smalltalk lover. Founder of 10Pines and FAST (Argentine Foundation of Smalltalk). Professor of the FCEyN at the UBA. Teaches OO and Agile techniques at the university and the industry. Key Note Speaker of many national and international conferences. Contributes to many Smalltalk opensource projects. Promotes self organized organizations and agile methodologies. You can follow him in Twitter at @hernanwilkinson

Hilaire fernandes

Junior high school math teacher. Author of Dr. Geo, an interactive geometry software that allows its users to design & manipulate interactive geometric sketches.

Inés Sosa

I write code in Smalltalk

Iván Boaretto

Iván is a software developer by day and a computer science student by night. He is very passionate about his craft and is always striving to improve. Now, in his first time at the Smalltalks, he is looking to attract new blood to the wonderful Smalltalk community.

James Foster

As a junior-high student in 1971, James discovered the local university’s computer center and a life-long obsession with computers began. He was introduced to Smalltalk/V for the Mac in the mid-90s, and became a Smalltalk fan. James is teaching undergraduate computer science classes and also serves as VP of Finance & Operations for GemTalk Systems. He is a passionate advocate for GemStone and all things Smalltalk.

Jan Vrany

Jan Vrany is a Smalltalk enthusiast since his university studies.

Since the very beginning he's using Smalltalk/X for most of his development and research. Computer-wise, his primary interests are programming languages, virtual machines and multi-language programming environments. Currently he's at LabWare working on virtual machines and debugging support.

Juan Vanecek

Smalltalk developer by choice, curious by nature. Computer Scientist wannabe, preparing the final thesis. Once a week I help high schoolers with math and some basic physics. Use different kinds of art as therapy, specifically music, photography and drawings.


Juan is the founder and lead developer of Cuis Smalltalk. He is a long standing member of the Open Source Smalltalk community, having contributed kernel code to Squeak and the Squeak VM for over 25 years. Juan has been programming since he was 14, and doing it professionally since he was 17. He holds an Ms.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Buenos Aires. He works at LabWare.


is a senior systems engineer specializing in dynamic programming language software. In 2018, he joined Instantiations to further develop the VAST Platform through the addition of new frameworks, libraries and tools, as well as improving the existing code base of VAST. He is active in the Smalltalk development community, and has used his expertise to co-author numerous open source projects. Mariano has a PhD in Computer Science, and his academic research has been published across various international journals.

Matías Fernandez

Software and tech enthusiast, Smalltalk developer.


I've working at the industry and teaching for 25 years


Maximiliano Tabacman has been a part of Mercap since he started his studies in IT, which now include a PhD in Computer Sciences from the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales (UBA). His main interest is the design of systems that apply nature inspired concepts, such as evolutionary algorithms and neural networks. Smalltalk, with its object-message design, is his natural choice for a development platform. He is also the creator of ERA, a standalone web server application for running table-top roleplaying games, which runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

mAXIMO Prieto

I've been working in CS & IS for 36 years both in Industry and at the university. My current activity is 100% teaching OOP, OOD and TDD.

Nicolás Papagna Maldonado

Nicolas Papagna Maldonado is a developer who believes the computer revolution hasn't happened yet.

Loves learning and sharing anything OO & TDD related.

He's been TA for OO at FCEN, University of Buenos Aires.

Happily grows software at 10Pines.

Chat with him on Twitter at @NicolasPapagna.


Nicolás Rainhart works as a software developer at 10Pines and as an assistant professor on concurrency and distributed systems at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Buenos Aires. He has also recently been working as a researcher engineer at Inria, the French computer science research institute, on optimizing the Pharo Virtual Machine.

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas is an apprentice, hacktivist, researcher, teacher and consultant. Founding member of HackBo, a Hackerspace in Bogotá; co-designer of the workshop + (anti)hackaton Data Week / Data Rodas and creator of the (meta)tool Grafoscopio, which has been used in: performative writing and (re)publishing, agile data storytelling and visualization, data feminism, civic hacktivism, reproducible research, making "Big Data" approachable, hypertextual resilient community and interpersonal memory and presences, among other topics.

seth berman

is President & CEO of Instantiations. He leads a dedicated team that tirelessly supports and enhances Instantiations' VAST Platform, while he guides expansion into new software/service areas like IoT, cloud, and edge computing solutions. Before leading Instantiations, Seth joined the company in 2011 as a software engineer working on projects ranging from advanced code editors and cryptography libraries to FFI enhancements and virtual machine implementations. Previously, he worked for the US government in a variety of domains including stochastic simulation, operations research, grid computing, and link analysis. Seth has a B.S. in Computer Science and an M.S. in Software Engineering.

Stephen Travis Pope

Stephen Travis Pope studied at Cornell University, the Vienna Music Academy and the Mozarteum in Salzburg; he is an award-winning composer, film-maker and computer scientist. He has over 100 publications on music theory and composition, computer music and AI. He has realized his musical works in the North America (Toronto, Stanford, Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Havana) and Europe (Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Salzburg, Vienna, Berlin). His music is available from CDCM/Centaur Records, Perspectives of New Music, Touch Music, and HeavenEverywhere Media. In 2007, The Electronic Music Foundation in New York released a triple-disc retrospective of his works called "Ritual and Memory"; his latest release is the multi-award-winning visual/music film "Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder." Stephen first saw Smalltalk in 1977, and has used to regularly since 1984 (thanks for Georg Heeg).

Vanessa Freudenberg

Vanessa has been a member and leader of the Squeak community for 25 years. Her contributions range from the halo icons to virtual machine code. She developed and maintains SqueakJS, a fully compatible Squeak VM for web browsers. Her Smalltalk-78 VM has been used for presentations by various members of the original XEROX Parc team. While working at Alan Kay's Viewpoints Research Institute she ported Etoys and Scratch to the OLPC. Nowadays she is Chief Architect at Croquet Corporation, building JavaScript multi-user systems inspired by Smalltalk.